College English
ENGL 180-03

Prof. Monika Giacoppe

  October 24, 2008 2:00-3:30pm

Guide for Finding Resources at the George T. Potter Library
By Madel Tisi

 I. Library Homepage

  • Provides access to the catalog (OPAC), databases, interlibrary loan forms, etc.

II. Finding Books at the Potter Library

  • Catalog: use this to find books, journal titles NOT ARTICLES, government documents, reserve items, music,and movies owned by the Library. You may limit a search by language, year(s) of publication, type of material, etc. This may take a few seconds to load.
  • Search the catalog using Keywords related to your topics to find material to have more control on the results.
    For Example:
    • Fast food
    • Nutrition
    • "Eating Disorders"
    • Obesity


    1. Start with broad searches. It is much easier to discard too much rather than start with too little.
    2. Use Advanced Search tab and Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to limit your searches and to have more control on the results.
      For Example:
      • Advertising AND Children AND Food
      • Fast food restaurants AND Working Conditions
      • Obesity AND Children
      • Obesity AND Epidemic
      • Marketing AND Food
      • Food OR Fast Food
    3. Do not give up if at first you do not get the results you want. Check your spelling, revise your search terms, etc.

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III. Reference Materials

  • The reference stacks are located on the 3rd floor (this is also the library's entrance).
  • Some useful references for your projects:

    Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food

    Provides a record of the decline of the American diet in the twentieth century. Includes entries that explore the impact of fast food chains on popular culture.

    Ref TX370.S63 2006

    The Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

    Includes vol. 1 - Acceptance to Food Politics; v.2 - Food Production to Nuts; v.3 - Obesity to Zoroastrianism

    Ref GT2850.E53 2003

    Encyclopedia of Food Sciences & Nutrition

    A ten-volume encyclopedia that includes over 1,000 articles covering all areas of food science and nutrition

    Ref TX349.E63 2003

    Hungry Planet: What the World Eats

    A photo-chronicle of the authors' visits to 30 families in 24 countries for 600 meals in all. Feature pictures of each family with a week's worth of food purchases; weekly food-intake lists with costs noted; typical family recipes; and essays, such as "Diabesity," on the growing threat of obesity and diabetes.

    Ref TX353.M43

    Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health By Marion Nestle

    "...Reveals how corporate control of the nation's food system limits our choices and threaten our health..." (Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation)


    Note: This is not a reference book so this can be taken
    out of the library.


  1. Use reference books to browse for project ideas and to get started on your research.
  2. Use the Bibliographies at the end of encyclopedia entries to find more information on your topic.

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IV. Electronic Resources


A multidisciplinary database that contains many full-text articles.
TIP: Combine keywords and Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to have a more focused search. For Example: "Fast food consumption" AND Obesity

Provides in-depth analysis of the most current and controversial issues with complete summaries, all the pros and cons, and more. Includes discussion of issues such as Fast-food shake-up, Food safety," "Global food crisis,""Nutrition," "Obesity epidemic," "Diet and health," etc.
TIP: In the "Quick Search" box, type in "Fast food"

Expanded Academic


Provides multidisciplinary, easy-to-use access more than 3,500 journals, 2,100 of which are peer-reviewed.


Wilson Business Full Text provides access to a multitude of outstanding magazines and scholarly journals.


General Business database. Provides full text articles from the top scholarly business journals, dating back to 1965 or the first issue published (whichever is more recent).

Full-text coverage of legal, business, general news, government, and other topics. TIP: Look for company information under the "Business" tab.

(Scholarly/Peer Reviewed/Refereed articles have been reviewed by a selected panel of experts in the discipline covered by that journal).


  1. Using the Advance Search page will give you more control over your results.
  2. Always use Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) when running a search.
    For Example:
    • Fast food OR Food AND Wendy's
  3. Always check your Spelling if the database results are Zero.


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V. Interlibrary Loan

Both of these links can be found under QUICK LINKS on the library's homepage.

  • Interlibrary Loan: allows students to borrow a book or article that the Potter library does not own. There is a link from the Journal Finder page.
  • Journal Finder: this provides information regarding if a journal is available full-text online, in print in the library, or available on microfilm.

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VI. Bibliographies

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VII. Web Sources

  • US Dept. of Agriculture: Under Browse by Subject click on Food and Nutrition for topics on food safety, food labeling and packaging, etc.
  • FDA Consumer Magazine : Click on food labeling and then click on Food Labeling and Nutrition section.

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Need more help? Visit or call the Reference Desk: 201.684.7574

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